10 Ways to Boost Your SEO With Pinterest

Effect of Description Length on Pins

Pinterest has become a hot social media tool with over 70 million users, and a valuation of $4 billion. The majority of Pinterest users are women, which makes this social media outlet a great place for industries targeting the female consumer. If your brand does not have a Pinterest profile, they should get on board [...]

Google Penguin 3.0 Update POV

Google Penguin 3.0

Penguin 3.0 is a Google algorithm update aimed to penalize websites that use unnatural link-building techniques in attempt to artificially increase their ranking. What happened? Google released the Penguin 3.0 refresh this past weekend. Google’s Pierre Far deemed it a “refresh”, not an “update”, but we’re keeping an eye out for further confirmation from Google. [...]

How to Bulk Optimize Images for SEO

Image Optimization

As you probably already know, site speed is very important for your user experience. Many websites that have image files that are not compressed, could be significantly slowing down your site. To decrease your site’s load time, compress all images and add a CDN. This post will outline an easy process for bulk optimizing your [...]

Google Adds Calendar Functionality in SERP


While doing a search on Google today (signed into my Google account) for the term “schedule an appointment” something very interesting popped up in Google’s knowledge graph. We already know that Google has been playing around with inserting Gmail, Drive, and Calendar info in the SERP, but this is the first time we are seeing [...]

How To Create Powerful Social Media Images

Social Media Images Cover

  Social Media guru Gary Vaynerchuk loves to refer to today’s world as being full of “A.D.D. Culture”. In speeches he’s demonstrated just how fast people move through content on their smartphone: (Click here to see his full speech below) One quick swipe through the Facebook (or other social networks) newsfeed and your content could [...]

Setting up a Content Delivery Network (CDN) on Magento

Setting up a CDN on Magento

If you are running a Magento ecommerce site, you may find that your load time is pretty slow.  Website load time is important for your users experience, as well as SEO. Google has confirmed that site speed is very important and that websites with a poor load time won’t rank well for users searching on [...]

How To Use RegEx in Google Analytics


Regular Expressions (RegEx) is a sequence of character that forms a search pattern.  RegEx can be used in Google analytics for many different things such as setting up goals, funnels, create filters and finding groups of pages. Additionally, RegEx is useful to learn because it will help you understand .htaccess files. In Google Analytics you [...]