Why is Citation Consistency Important?

Citation consistency is very impactful on the Local SEO for businesses that have a physical location such as law firms, nursing homes, doctor offices, rehab centers, apartment complexes & commercial property, etc. Essentially, citation consistency acts as a trust factor for Google, and can impact your rankings, and whether or not you’ll appear in the […]

Mobile First and Progressive Web Design – Impact on SEO and Publishers

Web App Design Insights: Mobile First, Progressive and Everything Between You know that you want to publish engaging web content, but you’re struggling to decide between mobile-first and progressive design strategies. Although you could just wing it and see what emerges as you create code and other assets, your choices will have huge impacts on […]

Solving the issue of Duplicate Homepage URLs

Believe it or not, I see many websites that have multiple homepage URL’s. You might think, how is that possible? The reason how is because every website has an index page at the root. It depends on how each server and CMS handles it. The problem is that Google considers each of the following URLs […]

Subdomains vs. Subdirectories

Many companies have a company blog. The question often arises, which is better for SEO? A subdomain or a subdirectory? A subdomain can be useful to separate out content that is completely different. Google uses subdomains for distinct products such news.google.com and classroom.google.com for example. Craigslist also uses subdomains. See screenshot image below on how […]

Five Secret Google Analytics Reports You Need to be Using Right Now

Disclaimer: While Google Analytics has its SEO applications (understatement!), we’ve also found broader uses for the platform. So while this post does discuss some SEO concepts, it doesn’t focus exclusively on SEO. With Google Analytics, it’s all about cutting out the noise and identifying the data that’s the most important for your business. Custom reports […]

Staying on top of Infinite Scroll – SEO best practice recommendations

Infinite scroll was created for a better user experience. New content is loaded on the page as the user scrolls down allowing visitors to continue browsing and absorb more and more information without the need to click to the next page. The Good: In a world where mobile browsing is taking over desktop, and social […]

10 Ways to Boost Your SEO With Pinterest

Pinterest has become a hot social media tool with over 70 million users, and a valuation of $4 billion. The majority of Pinterest users are women, which makes this social media outlet a great place for industries targeting the female consumer. If your brand does not have a Pinterest profile, they should get on board […]