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10 Ways to Boost Your SEO With Pinterest

Pinterest has become a hot social media tool with over 70 million users, and a valuation of $4 billion. The majority of Pinterest users are women, which makes this social media outlet a great place for industries targeting the female consumer. If your brand does not have a Pinterest profile, they should get on board ASAP. If your brand already has a profile, here are a few ways to optimize it to get more clicks and leads to your brand’s website.
Pinterest by gender

1. Keywords: Start by going to Google’s Adwords Keyword planner and find a hand full of keywords relevant to your industry. These keywords should have high search volume and describe the various high level categories your business servers. For example, if you are The Art Studio NY, you may create boards for: “NYC Art Classes”, “Children’s Art Classes”. Create boards that are optimized to these keywords by including the keywords in the board title and in the description of the pin. Don’t overdo it, and make sure it flows naturally.
2. Social Media Links: Make sure that you include your web address and social media profile links in your Pinterest profile. This will help with back linking, and also boost your other social media profiles.
3. Hashtags & Captions: In the Pins description you can use up to 500 characters. Based on research from HubSpot using 100-200 characters are ideal. Also, using hashtags will also help people find your boards. Try to use as many hashtags that would be relevant to each pin. Set aside a little time to do some research on the hashtags with the most volume.
4. Optimize Your Rows: The first two rows of your Pinterest profile are the most important. The first two rows is what visitors to your profile will see first and will most likely click on.
Effect of Description Length on Pins
5. Saving Your Images: When you save your images to your computer, you most likely are using a generic number letter combination, but if you put keywords in your image title before you upload it to Pinterest, chances are that Google will find those keywords from the image file.
6. Backlinks: Pinterest, along with other social media outlets, is a great outlet to place links to your website. This will increase the credible backlinks that point to your website,
7. Verify Your Page: Make sure to claim your business and verify your Pinterest page. Also, by verifying your account you get to use the Pinterest Analytics Tool, which will help you track engagement and traffic to your Pins.
8. Categories: Make sure you choose the most appropriate category when creating boards. When you create a board you can select a matching category. This will help Pinners, bloggers, and shoppers to find your brand easily.
9. Location Tagging: This is an important feature to take advantage of if you are a local business. By marking your location to your boards and pins, you will pop up for the right audience.
10. Don’t Stop Pinning: By creating and posting fresh content you will engage followers and attract more visitors to your website!

Don’t know how to start pinning? Check out this guide on how to setup your Pinterest business account. Happy Pinning!

Image Source: RJ Metrics
The author, Sheeri Avrahami, is a social media consultant in NYC providing social media marketing services, graphic design, small business marketing, and additional social media consulting services.

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