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12 Ideas to Drive Traffic (w/o Google)

1) Interview of popular person. Post Pictures & a short video from the interview. Although, publishing the text of the interview will provide more searchable terms, and a more “authoritative” webpage…according to the search algorithms. Using both video and the full-text is a win-win situation for users and the ability to drive search traffic.

2) Linking to another high-profile blogger to get a trackback, and clickthrough traffic. If they censor their trackbacks, just hope they approve yours.

3) Giveaway something for free ( widget, template, tool, ringtone, etc).

4) Create a funny/fun flash game. Perhaps, it’ll go viral. Or, go all out, and create something similar to the Subservient Chicken.

5) Get a celebrity to announce your URL on TV. Perhaps, if one of the Grammy-nominated bands for “Best New Artist” like Paramore win, and announce their new site. I’m sure their fans would love to see all the Paramore pictures and Paramore Videos. Imagine how much traffic that could send! Or, perhaps they plug YOUR site.

6) Contests (If it’s cash, get it underwritten. Or, be creative in your prize). Perhaps, offer your services as the prize?

7) Press Releases. Use best practices to optimize press releases.

8) Social Media. Using sites like Youtube, Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious can mean driving thousands of visitors to your site.

9) Writing blog posts that use an Attack hook, Shock hook, or a breaking News hook to drive traffic.

10) Get a link on a popular unrelated website. Perhaps offer a free or discounted service in exchange for the link.

11) Create a facebook app.

12) Speak at a trade show, organization meeting, or local event.

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  1. Thanks for the tips on the press releases.

  2. These are interesting and useful tips! However, I still think we need to depend on search engines, at some point or other. For instance, tips # 1 and 7 focus on using the right keywords. Doing this will definitely help in targetting the right people using specific keywords, and to increase search engine rankings for a site.

    Nevertheless, I do agree with you that we should move away from depending on the search engines too much, especially when we are selling online

    Cheers, Samantha T
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  3. Very nice post. Although the majority of us can’t have paramore announce us to the world but hey, I could probably get bruce springsteen.

  4. Teaching a seminar at a local non profit works for me.

  5. Found your site today (on a google search!). Thanks for putting up such great pieces. As a circulation professional in print media looking to cross over to the “other side” you suggestions and information make a tremendous amount of sense.

    I’ve put a link in the forum of the network I blog for. I’m sure you’ll get some visits from it.

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