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Shimon Sandler

Link Building Optimization

What if you have a client that has difficulty implementing changes you recommend? What if he/she is restricted (for whatever reason) from making any real meaningful changes to the source code? Is it possible not to touch the code of a site and still optimize it? The answer is yes. A good SEO Consultant knows […]

Shimon Sandler

Keyword Analysis – Details Explained

As the years roll by and I keep honing my SEO Consulting skills, my Keyword Analysis process and documentation has gone through several transformations. The deliverable Keyword Analysis document is on an Excel spreadsheet with several tabs. The main contents of my keyword analysis are: 1) Keyword Volume/Discovery. 2) Keyword Ranking. 3) Keyword Demand. 4) […]


Carmen Sutter | Web Analytic Metrics that Matter

Guest post by Carmen Sutter. She’s on my team, and specializes in Web Analytics. So you finally implemented web analytics. Now what? What metrics should you look at? What do those metrics mean? As always with questions like this the answer is: It depends. It depends on what type of site you are running. It […]