Archives for December 2008

Shimon Sandler

A Guide to Buying Established Websites

Where’s the best place to find an established website for sale? Some of the registrars and web hosting companies have their own auctions. If you spend enough time scouring these auctions, then it’s very likely you’ll come across a good deal. But, what’s a good deal look like? Would you know it if it was […]

Shimon Sandler

Importance of Content Quantity

The blocking & tackling of SEO is Content & Links. I’ve discussed a Link Optimization and why advertisers should stop paying Google. But, Links are just half of the equation to champion keyword rankings. The other half of the equation is Content. Quality & Quantity. Once you’ve made your site search engine friendly through a […]

Geno Prussakov

“CPA Networks”: Defining the Terms

Contrary to how it may appear on the façade of things, CPA networks are not affiliate networks. The “CPA” part in their name is what is misleading many. Generally meaning cost-per-action, a widely-spread affiliate payment model, the abbreviation “CPA” is actually not the best way to describe “CPA networks”. The more appropriate name for them […]

Shimon Sandler

Stop Paying Google! SEO vs PPC

The question of SEO vs PPC is really about budget allocation. If an advertiser has X dollars allocated for Search Marketing, then how much of that should be allocated for SEO vs PPC? This is often the case when a small business wants to try Online Marketing. We can look at this question from another […]