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Shimon Sandler

My Intro Video

I’ve been wanting to get into making my own videos for quick some time. However, I’m not so sure that video is my forte’. I’ll need to make a few more short videos before coming to any kind of conclusion. So as a start, here’s my intro video. Some things I’m pondering are: 1) How […]

Geno Prussakov

Affiliate Recruitment: Tools and Techniques

So you have started an affiliate program, and now one of the industry’s most frequently asked questions is your main concern. The question comes in many forms (Where do I find affiliates? What websites do affiliates hang around? Are there any good conferences at which I may recruit affiliates? Are there any tools to automatize […]

Ann Smarty

The Multiple Uses of Google Advanced SITE: Operator

[SITE:] is the most widely used Google advanced operator. It has multiple possible uses and can help a bunch in a SEO Site Auditing and link building. Let’s see how you can use it. For Website Diagnostics: Use [] to see how many URLs have been indexed by Google and how they are rates. Being […]

Shimon Sandler

Integrating Social Media Conversations

What makes a Social Media campaign successful? Is it the number of views on Youtube? Is it the amount of Diggs? Well, it could be. It really all depends what your objectives are. Is your objective to drive traffic? Is your objective to create awareness? Is your objective to sell something? Social Media campaigns are […]


Landing Page Optimization: Getting Started

Online Marketers spend a good amount of time and money designing websites and campaigns to drive visitors to the site. When a visitor clicks though from a banner, marketers need to ensure that the visitors just doesn’t remain a visitor but becomes a customer. In order for a visitor to become a customer the value […]

Shimon Sandler

Ways to Use the Nofollow

Google has forever affected SEO with their creation of the rel= “nofollow” attribute on hyperlinks. Google was afraid that their ranking algorithm was being manipulated from advertising and comment spam. Hence the creation of the nofollow. When a nofollow is placed on a hyperlink, it tells the search engine that it should not influence the […]