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Shimon Sandler

First Text Link on a Page

Just had an interesting conversation with Avi about this topic. Here’s a quick summary of my position on multiple text links on a webpage that contain the EXACT same anchor text… Let me start out by saying, I don’t necessarily believe everything Google says. And, for that matter, I don’t take what Rand says to […]

Shimon Sandler

7 Steps to Create a Custom Blog

For some people, the thought of creating a custom blog is dizzying. This post is meant to help those people create a customized blog from scratch. It’s really not that difficult, even if you have zero technical skills. For a blog platform, my personal choice is WordPress. And, the price is right. Free. Step #1: […]

Shimon Sandler

Managing Client Expectations

When things go as expected, everything sails along smoothly and everybody is happy. But, whaddya do when things go other than expected? There’s nothing worse than entering into a business agreement and you discover it’s not what you expected. It’s not good for the consultant, it’s not good for the client. If your SEO Proposal […]

Shimon Sandler

Get in Front of your Audience Without Search Engines

What if your target audience doesn’t really use search engines in their business? Perhaps financial executives? What if your target keywords are low volume? Furthermore what if you only have a 10 page website that you started only a week ago? Hmm. Seems like a tough situation. How are you going to get new business? […]

Ann Smarty

How to Research Your Keyword Context

Keyword research posts are numerous: we have multiple guides, reference sources and tools. However it is seldom brought to attention that it is not enough to just determine keyword phrases that people use to search for your topic. What else should be researched is your core term environment. What do I mean by that? Words […]