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Shimon Sandler

Pricing For a New (doesn’t exist yet) SEO Tool

What’s in your SEO Toolbox? What are your tools of the trade? If you’re like me, you use a variety of tools. Some free. Some subscription-based. I’ve been doing a specific series of manual tasks for several years because there just aren’t any tools that do the job. But, now with all the Mashups, and […]

Shimon Sandler

The Top Searched Term on Google

Continuing with my curiousity with the keyword “lyrics”, I wanted to know what are the top 50 searched terms on Google. Is “lyrics” one of the top searched terms on Google? That question led me to explore a few of Google’s own keyword tools. I began by using Google Insights and sorting the data by […]

Shimon Sandler

Evaluating Reliability of 4 Keyword Tools

One of the ways to measure success of an SEO campaign is based on the baseline metrics contained within your Keyword Analysis. Success metrics can include keyword ranking, visitor traffic, and conversions. You can also measure “share of voice“. In Search Marketing, it’s more accurately called “share of searches”. A straightforward method of calculating the […]