Archives for July 2009

Shimon Sandler

Measuring SEO Success Metrics

There are several metrics to measure an SEO campaign. It’s important to identify your KPI’s (key performance indicators) before you start working on a client site. Sometimes, the only metric that’s important to the client is keyword rankings. But clients are becoming more and more sophisticated. They want to see multiple metrics measured to determine […]

Sheara Wilensky

Google Analytics Fun: Configuring Goals & Funnels

We all share the mutual goal of getting traffic to our website. But what do you want to come of this traffic? You want action!!! You want this traffic to buy a product, join a mailing list, request more information, and complete a contact form, of course. Wouldn’t you like to know how these actions […]

Shimon Sandler

Finding Duplicate Content with Free Tools

Checking for duplicate content is part of the process of analyzing a website. The most common types of duplicate content to look for is in Title tags, Meta descriptions, product descriptions, dynamic URLs, and Canonicalization. Many websites reuse the same Title tag for their entire site. That’s duplicate content. Many ecommerce sites resell products from […]