Archives for February 2010

Shimon Sandler

How To Optimize Using Internal Linking

Recently, I was contacted by an ecommerce website that told me they’ve had an SEO Consultant optimize their website, but they still aren’t seeing their site in the Keyword rankings. They want to know “Why?”. “Did the previous SEO Consultant do a good job? Did they do something wrong? Why aren’t we ranking?”. I did […]

Michael Manning

Splash Pages: Bad for Usability, Bad for SEO

If your job involves convincing clients why they need to redesign their sites with SEO in mind, sooner or later you’ll run into the splash screen conundrum. Splash screens are terrible from an SEO perspective, but some clients love them more than their own children. They think about their website the same way they see the receptionist at their office in the real world… when you enter the front door, they want the first thing you see to be a pretty face.