Archives for February 2011

Shimon Sandler

404 Page Error Handling

The proper server responses dictate how search engines will treat missing or redirected pages. When checking to see if your site handles a “404 Page Not Found” response, it’s important to check pages outside the URL structure AND pages within the URL structure. Make sure they don’t 302 redirect to the 404 page, and then […]

Shimon Sandler

Resolving Homepage Canonical Issues

Does your homepage have multiple URL’s? Do these different URLs take users to the homepage: Are all of these versions indexed in Google? To find out, do a site: query to find them. The Google search query looks like this, The problem is that this is considered duplicate content. Google and […]

Shimon Sandler

Finding Internal Links Pointing to your Target URL

When I talk about linking and link development, it’s not just about inbound link development. A large part of linking is “internal linking”. This can have a large part in how Google views your website. What does Google think your site is about? What pages on your site does Google consider the most relevant for […]