Archives for December 2012

Ann Smarty

2 Ideas of Using Hashtags for On-Page Optimization

Now that we are getting better at attracting and using social media traffic and that we clearer understand that we may not depend on Google traffic only, on-page social media optimization is something we need to pay more attention to. Here are two easy (yes, easy but I bet you haven’t thought of those yet!) […]

Menucha Zimmerman

New Google Analytics Custom Reports

I love a well-executed custom report. In the succinct words of the wise and mighty Avinash Kaushik, Google Analytics is a “data puke”. At least the Standard Reporting tab is, and if not leveraged properly, the Custom Reports can be as well. The amount of data contained in Google Analytics is overwhelming. There are so. […]

Elie Orgel

Methods for Optimizing Pagination

Pagination is a topic that is widely covered by many people and agencies offering SEO Consulting services.  This post will serve to summarize how to handle pagination, by adhering to SEO best practices to ensure that all the content on your paginated pages gets crawled & indexed. Typically, small websites and blogs don’t often need […]

Ann Smarty

A New Kind of Marketing: Hashtag Marketing

Now that search engines are getting smarter and smarter and brand reputation is becoming the major method to secure your reliable search and social presence, we are forced to come up with up-to-date ways to promote our business name online. Online marketing is getting more and more creative. Our industry is evolving and growing up! […]