Shimon Sandler

A Bakers Dozen of Link Building

Link Building is so important for SEO success, I’m surprised that it’s overlooked so much. Below are some tips for anyone who’s interested in starting a link building campaign.

1) Make a daily effort to get as many Inbound links as possible to your website. Set aside some time everyday.

2) Keep the Inbound links growing at a natural & steady cadence so as not to raise a red flag to the Search Engines.

3) Make sure the link is a static text link, and not being redirected thru someone else’s server.

4) Make sure your Keyword is contained in the text each Inbound link.

5) Make sure all the links don’t say the exact same thing. Create some variety in the text. But, make sure to include your keyword and Query Seeds.

6) Try to get the Inbound link higher placement on the referring webpage.

7) Try to use Sitewide links & links within content ( like presell pages). Some call these Presell pages: hosted content, sponsored content, hosted marketing page, hosted marketing content or, advertorial content.

8) If buying some Inbound links, make sure they don’t have a nofollow tag, or anything else that eliminates SEO value.

9) Get listed in Web Directories like DMOZ, BOTW, and the Yahoo Directory.

10) Use linkbaiting methods to get Inbound links from Authority sites.

11) The Domain Age of the referring website is an important “value factor”. The older the site, the better.

12) Make use of Pyramid Linking Strategies and/or Triangular Linking.

13) Use search query operaters to find relevant websites to get links from.

–That’s the Baker’s Dozen. Although I just gotta list one more thing though. Consider it a bonus tip:

14) Comment on blogs, participate in forums, and use social networking sites like Digg, and

And here’s a cool Link Calculator Tool.

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  1. Shimon …. very good “run down” list. What happened to the “Top 10 list” that everyone is so happy to see? I caught the virus and started posting Top 10 posts as well.

    On a side note … red rum Tuesday is off tomorrow. Dana is at the AdTech in Chicago.

  2. Great post Shimon. I think people overlook link building because it can be bloody boring unless you are passionate about the topic. I really think most web promotion falls into that category and most just pretend it’s not happening (it’s not happening) and it leads to all the shortcut posts in the forums.

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