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B2B vs B2C SEO Campaign

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the B2B business or B2C business, the basics of SEO will remain the same. Such as: Internal Linking, Inbound links, SEO Copywriting, and other technical aspects of a Search Engine friendly website.

However, as you could imagine, the Keyword Search Volume will be much greater for a B2C SEO Campaign. For example: the searches for Application Hosting (2,010 Searches/month) are much less than Ringtones (290,850 Searches/month).

Even though the Search Volume is much lower for a B2B Campaign, the Sales Revenue can potentially be much larger for an equal amount of conversions. Eg: $1/ringtone vs. a yearly Application Hosting contract.

Certainly other metrics should be taken into consideration such as Mindshare (development of consumer awareness), Share of Voice, appearance as industry leader by being #1 in Organic Results, etc.

The Success Metrics to measure a successful SEO campaign are the same.

As usual, the beginning to any SEO Campaign, you (or your SEO Consultant) should build a careful & thorough Keyword Analysis & Keyword Demand Matrix.

Some B2B companies have started a B2B blog. Although, from this one example I can see it needs a lot of SEO tender-loving-care.

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