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Best Practices of Blogging

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to write a post, and set-up the look and feel of my blog.

I tried to find some kind of list of “blogging best practices” on the web. But, I really didn’t find too much. All I found, was a ton of stuff on Corporate Blogging best practices. But, I couldn’t find any on personal blog best practices. Most of the personal blogs are freestyle anyway. So, I thought I’d put together a short list. Mainly, for myself.

Thanks to the helpful suggestion from Andy at Marketing Pilgrim, I just added a short bio on myself. He planted the seed in my mind about the whole “best practices” thing. My photo will be coming soon.

Here’s my attempt at compiling a Best Practices for Bloggers.

1) Be dedicated. Try to post on a regular basis. Daily is best.
2) Ping a service like Technorati after each post.
3) Write a short bio so your readers know who you are.
4) Put a picture of yourself on the blog (somewhere) so readers can identify with you.
5) Have a subject theme (Politics, Advertising, your hobby, etc), and stick to it.
6) Write on news, information, and tips in your subject domain.
7) Place links to other blogs/sites in your posts as sources of information or additional references.
8) Make sure to organize articles in Categories that make the most sense.
9) Previous posts can be the main source of revenue for a blog, so a well designed archives section is valuable.
10) Keep Post length consistent as part of your blog theme. Or, or make sure to break up larger Post’s into “bite size” pieces, like a Part 1, and Part 2.
11) Leave comments on other blogs you read, so the other bloggers know who you are, and might add your link to one of their posts.
12) Allow your readers to Contact you somehow.
13) Place a Blogroll, or links section on the sidebar. Try to separate same Subject links, from “Friends” and Advertising/Affiliate links.
14) Advertising strategically placed.
15) Use Social Bookmarking buttons to make it easy for readers to submit your post.

Feel free to add to the list:-)

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  1. I would also suggest not using UPPER CASE for your titles. It looks awful in my RSS reader. You can probably use CSS to render your titles in upper case on your site (if you like that look) leaving it lower caps for RSS readers.

    Nice list!

  2. Administrator says:

    Andy, thanks again for the tip.
    The reason I started using UPPER CASE for my titles is because it stands out more in a search engine, especially like Technorati. As for the RSS reader, I use Bloglines, and it appears just fine.

  3. Shimon, as an author of five blogs you are right on with your list. Really – at the end of the day – it’s about consistent and on-topic writings. The look of the site will not be as important as the content – but helps when you get started. Also – leverage as a way to spread the news about your writings.

  4. Guidelines for blogs????? I use to think that it is more like a personal diary but now it is more of a business that a personal diary. We have official blogs, official blogging techniques and guidelines too. I have few blogs on different issues.

    [quote]Put a picture of yourself on the blog (somewhere) so readers can identify with you.[/quote]
    I think most of the blogging applications are missing this.

    Waiting for more tips

  5. very nice blog!! hope to see u soon in the A-list bloggers list.

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