Shimon Sandler

Bid Management, and Campaign Delivery

Here is a Bid Management strategy to optimize a Search campaign that has Branding and/or Traffic goals, such as: Click Volume and CPC. These types of success metrics are usually used for large brands that don’t measure website conversions, or just don’t have any way to convert a visitor. Think of consumer product brands like: Revlon, Pampers, Burger King, and many of the Pharma brands. They are more interested in Brand Awareness & Engagement, and measure those overarching business objectives with web analytics, and software like Hitwise.

So, working with this type of client, efficient Campaign Delivery, and the quality of relevant traffic is critical to the campaign’s success.

When should you increase or decrease your CPC’s? If you are consistently hitting your daily budget, but, need more clicks and/or the Avg CPC is too high, then you should just dial down MAX CPCs to get lower avg CPCs and increased volume.

If you still hit your daily budget consistently at the new lower Max CPC, then lower your bids again the following week. If after lowering your bids you are not hitting your daily budget regularly, you might want to consider a Long Tail Keyword Expansion, and/or Ad Optimization.

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