Elie Orgel

International / Multi-Language SEO

international flags

If your website has many languages you will need to optimize your site to ensure each language ranks in its respective country. This article will go into the details on how to set up the URL structure and how to signal to search engines which language you prefer to rank in which countries. Finally, we [...]

Shimon Sandler

Video and Game Widget Optimization


The question often arises whether or not to use Youtube as a Video strategy. My knee-jerk reaction is usually to cringe. Because, I know when a user grabs the embed code to place it on a blog, website, Facebook, or whatever Social Media platform, it’s Youtube that gets the backlink. Not my client. Youtube gets [...]

Elie Orgel

The Affect Infinite Scroll Has on SEO

Infinite scroll is becoming increasing popular among websites today. Websites such as facebook, Twitter  and Pinterest have implemented infinite scroll for their new feed pages for both their desktop and mobile websites.  Since I’m in SEO consulting, many people have asked me whether or not infinite scroll affects SEO or not, so I decided to [...]

Elie Orgel

Methods for Optimizing Pagination

optimized javascript

Pagination is a topic that is widely covered by many people and agencies offering SEO Consulting services.  This post will serve to summarize how to handle pagination, by adhering to SEO best practices to ensure that all the content on your paginated pages gets crawled & indexed. Typically, small websites and blogs don’t often need [...]

Shimon Sandler

Optimizing Navigation using CSS Image Replacement

Site design does not have to overshadow your search engine optimization efforts. This is especially true and important when it comes to site navigation. Having search engine friendly Navigation is critical to getting a site spidered, maintaining optimal search visibility, increasing your keyword relevancy scores, and improving the transparency of a site’s topical hierarchy. So [...]

Shimon Sandler

Boost Keyword Relevancy Using CSS Absolute Positioning

One of the recurring issues I come across on optimizing ecommerce websites, is the lack of text on category and subcategory pages. Usually, what I see on the typical category and sub-category pages of an ecommerce site is a bunch of product images, and maybe, just maybe they have some content below the images. See [...]

Shimon Sandler

Making jQuery SEO Friendly

For web developers and other programmers, needing to adapt to the latest methods and search engine friendly techniques, jQuery requires careful study and evaluation. Since its release in 2006, jQuery, an open source, cross-browser JavaScript library, has steadily grown in acceptance and popularity to the point that it’s now the most popular JavaScript library available. [...]