Menucha Zimmerman

What You’re Missing with Your Keyword Research

Whenever I conduct keyword research, I find that a hefty percentage of them indicate knowledge gaps for potential customers that offer some serious traffic potential. For example, if I were to do keyword research for a client that sells diabetes medication, I would find that the following keywords have (relatively) high search volume: “what is […]

Shimon Sandler

Should a CEO’s Blog need Legal Approval?

I asked 2 questions via email to a few thought leaders that specialize in the fields of Search Marketing, Social Media, Reputation Management, and Internet Marketing. 1) Should a CEO’s Blog need approval from legal before posting? 2) What if it’s his personal blog? Would the same hold true for opinions, forecasts, etc regarding his […]

Shimon Sandler

Blog Tag: When I’m NOT doing SEO…

I thought that perhaps I’d write a post where I write what I like to do when I’m NOT doing SEO, and tag 3 other bloggers to do the same. Kinda like hobbies, sports, etc. I thought this would be a nice way to getting to know our fellow bloggers, it’s a social game, and […]

Shimon Sandler

Leveraging User-Generated Content

According to Forrester Research, User-generated content (UGC) is being created by approximately one-quarter of online consumers. In my opinion, UGC can be used as an SEO tactic, and can take the form of product reviews, discussion boards, comments on blogs, etc. Besides being a way for big brands to engage with their consumers, UGC can […]

Shimon Sandler

Blog Tag: 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Well, I’ve been tagged by Gordon Choi & Tamar Weinberg in a viral blog tag game. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about me. 1) I love Jazz Fusion and guitar jams. Lately, I can’t seem to take el grupo out of my car CD player. Those dudes are unfreakin believable. 2) I grew […]

Shimon Sandler

Plugins for SEO, Monetization, and Spam Prevention

A few people have asked me which plugins I use. So, I thought I’d just post them. It’s a short list, and if anyone thinks I should use a different, or new plugin, I’d appreciate the advice. The plugins I use are: 1) Sociable to display the Social bookmarking icons below each post. There are […]

Shimon Sandler

Black Hat SEO Attack

Did you know that if you use mod rewrite you have to 301 redirect the old url? If you’re using the URL rewrite feature on WordPress then you have a problem. You have a duplicate content issue! The reason is because you now have 2 urls to the same page. Fortunately, there is a plugin […]