Shimon Sandler

How to Optimize Flash Files

Google and other search engines cannot tell what is contained within an unoptimized flash file. Additionally, if a browser does not have flash installed, it can be a bad user experience. Using SWFObject is a great method how to optimize flash files. SWFObject is an easy-to-use and standards-friendly method to embed Flash content, which utilizes […]

Michael Manning

Splash Pages: Bad for Usability, Bad for SEO

If your job involves convincing clients why they need to redesign their sites with SEO in mind, sooner or later you’ll run into the splash screen conundrum. Splash screens are terrible from an SEO perspective, but some clients love them more than their own children. They think about their website the same way they see the receptionist at their office in the real world… when you enter the front door, they want the first thing you see to be a pretty face.

Shimon Sandler

How to Optimize a Flash Site

Search engines need to be able to read the text on your webpage to figure out what it is about. If there isn’t any text, then your site most likely isn’t going to rank well for anything. So, before you trash that expensive flash site, hold on. There are some inexpensive SEO tactics you can […]