Menucha Zimmerman

Five Secret Google Analytics Reports You Need to be Using Right Now

Disclaimer: While Google Analytics has its SEO applications (understatement!), we’ve also found broader uses for the platform. So while this post does discuss some SEO concepts, it doesn’t focus exclusively on SEO. With Google Analytics, it’s all about cutting out the noise and identifying the data that’s the most important for your business. Custom reports […]

Elie Orgel

How To Use RegEx in Google Analytics

Regular Expressions (RegEx) is a sequence of character that forms a search pattern.  RegEx can be used in Google analytics for many different things such as setting up goals, funnels, create filters and finding groups of pages. Additionally, RegEx is useful to learn because it will help you understand .htaccess files. In Google Analytics you […]

Menucha Zimmerman

New Google Analytics Custom Reports

I love a well-executed custom report. In the succinct words of the wise and mighty Avinash Kaushik, Google Analytics is a “data puke”. At least the Standard Reporting tab is, and if not leveraged properly, the Custom Reports can be as well. The amount of data contained in Google Analytics is overwhelming. There are so. […]

Sheara Wilensky

Google Analytics Fun: Configuring Goals & Funnels

We all share the mutual goal of getting traffic to our website. But what do you want to come of this traffic? You want action!!! You want this traffic to buy a product, join a mailing list, request more information, and complete a contact form, of course. Wouldn’t you like to know how these actions […]

Shimon Sandler

Google Analytics Auto-Tagging

Lets say you want to track individual keyword performance, and separately track ad copy performance. If you’re using Adwords, you don’t need to place tracking code on the destination URL’s to track the performance of each keyword, and separate tracking for the performance of each ad. You just need to make sure you link your […]