Shimon Sandler

How to Get Included in Google News

I have been asked countless times how to get included in the Google “One Box”. That’s when there used to be a “one-box”. Now we have Google Universal Search results. They contain listings from Google Products, Google News, Google Images, Videos, etc. Getting included in Google News can drive a ton of traffic. But, Google […]


301 Redirect Explained

Let’s start with the an overview of the basics. When you go to a web page, say, , there is a lot going on behind the scenes to make that page show up in your browser. Remember, before anything can happen, a TCP/IP connection is established between your computer and the webserver through […]

Shimon Sandler

How to Build a Foreign Language Keyword List

If you’re conducting a PPC campaign that is internationally geo-targeted to specific countries, then this post is for you. Especially, if you are unfamiliar with their native language. Let’s take a PPC campaign geo-targeting Germany. Obviously you’d want to build a keyword list in German, and run it on First, I tried using Wordtracker […]

Shimon Sandler

Google Reveals CTR Average by Industry

Below is some “Google Internal” data. About a year and a half ago, I asked one of my Google reps if she had Average CTR’s by Industry for Google Only. I was going thru some old files, and I found this ppt slide. It doesn’t tell me what companies were used in the accessment, and […]

Shimon Sandler

Don’t tell Google when your Site is Down!

Do a google search for the term “budget“. Budget Rent-a-Car is #1 natural result. Look at the title tag on the screenshot below. It says, “ Outage“. Rule #1: Never put that the site is down in a title tag. Or that the site is down for maintenance because that could get crawled & indexed, […]

Shimon Sandler

Reciprocal Linking is NOT Worth the Effort

I’m not a fan of reciprocal linking. The way to build trust & authority with Google is through 1-way inbound linking, and the judicious use of outbound linking to topically related sites. Reciprocal linking was a technique used a few years ago as an easy way to build link popularity & search engine ranking. A […]

Shimon Sandler

Spicy Chili Recipe for Hungry SEO’s

Once in awhile, I like to write a post that is unrelated to an SEO Consultant. You guessed it. It’s time once again for the Gourmet SEO (that’s me) to whip up another mouth-watering post. Side note: I think I’m gonna get a barbecue apron that says, “Gourmet SEO”. This past weekend, I was invited […]