Shimon Sandler

How to Create an SEO Roadmap

SEO Roadmap

When project planning, goal planning, or any sort of planning it’s important to have a roadmap to keep you on the right path for a successful journey. That’s exactly how we view the SEO process. It’s a plan that needs a roadmap. It’s designed to get you from point A to point B. But, it [...]

Shimon Sandler

Opencart SEO

Opencart SEO

Not too long ago, I decided to build an ecommerce site using the latest version of OpenCart. Opencart is open source ecommerce software. It’s like WordPress for ecommerce. This post is about some very basic SEO modifications I did to make Opencart optimized… in a very basic way. If you want to see it, the [...]

Shimon Sandler

Link Cleanup | Detecting Unnatural Links

Link Cleanup

If your website’s organic traffic recently dropped, chances are you might have been penalized by Google. This may have been caused by unnatural links pointing to your website. If you have Google webmaster tools installed on your site you might receive a message from Google warning you about the unnatural links pointing to your site. [...]

Shimon Sandler

Interview with Greg Hartnett – President BOTW

brian prince and shimon sandler

I’m privileged to conduct another interview with Greg Hartnett, the President of Best of the Web, otherwise known as BOTW (pronounced BotWah). My 1st interview with Greg was back in April 2006. So much has changed in the Search Industry and Social landscape since my last interview with Greg. Q. Hi Greg, thanks for joining [...]

Menucha Zimmerman

New Google Analytics Custom Reports

I love a well-executed custom report. In the succinct words of the wise and mighty Avinash Kaushik, Google Analytics is a “data puke”. At least the Standard Reporting tab is, and if not leveraged properly, the Custom Reports can be as well. The amount of data contained in Google Analytics is overwhelming. There are so. [...]

Shimon Sandler

Optimizing H1 tags using sIFR

tvland uses sifr

Simply stated, sIFR is a SEO friendly way to use your custom fonts, without the need to use an Image. It’s a search engine friendly method for using your custom fonts. Who is sIFR for? It’s for any website that has been using an Image or Flash as the H1 (or other headings) because of [...]

Shimon Sandler

3 Things to Make the Collapsible DIV SEO Friendly

collapsible div seo

There are situations where a website needs to place a lot of additional text on a webpage, but it interferes with the visual designs & potentially user-experience. So, whaddya do? For example, what if you want to include a video transcript on your video webpage, or place a list of UPC codes on an ecommerce [...]