Ann Smarty

A New Kind of Marketing: Hashtag Marketing


Now that search engines are getting smarter and smarter and brand reputation is becoming the major method to secure your stable search and social presence, we are forced to come up with up-to-date ways to promote our business name online. Hashtag marketing is one of the leading new methods of driving a brand today, with [...]

Shimon Sandler

How Twitter Saved Wells Fargo – (A lesson in using Social Media)

Tweeting at wellsfargo

I was sitting at my desk. Phone rings. My wife said she was trying to buy groceries with the debit card, and the card was declined because if insufficient funds. I was shocked. This has never happened to us before. So, I logged online to Wachovia (which Wells Fargo has recently acquired). We have a [...]

Monica O'Brien

12 Ways To Get Inbound Links Using Social Media

As most SEO professionals know, the main factors in off-page optimization are the number and quality of inbound links to your site. According to an article in New York Magazine, inbound links are an 80% accurate predictor of traffic to your site too. That means if you want to rank in the search engines for [...]

Shimon Sandler

Frequency of Blogging Affects RSS Subscribers

Is there an optimal frequency of blog posting? Is it once per day? Every Tuesday and Thursday? Once/week? Once/month? Something else? My frequency of blog posting is usually approximately once every 7 days. I think it’s safe to assume that every SEO Consultant that gets busier with client work, blogs less. This usually happens in [...]

Shimon Sandler

8 Ways To Make Your Twitter Time More Productive

Using Twitter can definitely take a lot of time. As I’ve been using Twitter more & more, I’ve tried a lot of different things. Hopefully, you’ll get something from this post that will help you manage your Twitter usage more effectively. My goal is to make my time on Twitter as efficient as possible. Wouldn’t [...]

Brian Wallace

Why is Your Twitter Account Private?

People sometimes do odd things in social media. One of these things is making their Twitter accounts private. If the point of social media is to be social, why hide your account? Here are the reasons I’ve come across that people choose to keep their Twitter accounts private: Personal Accounts – this is one of [...]

Shimon Sandler

Get in Front of your Audience Without Search Engines

What if your target audience doesn’t really use search engines in their business? Perhaps financial executives? What if your target keywords are low volume? Furthermore what if you only have a 10 page website that you started only a week ago? Hmm. Seems like a tough situation. How are you going to get new business? [...]