Sheara Wilensky

Google Analytics Fun: Configuring Goals & Funnels

We all share the mutual goal of getting traffic to our website. But what do you want to come of this traffic? You want action!!! You want this traffic to buy a product, join a mailing list, request more information, and complete a contact form, of course. Wouldn’t you like to know how these actions […]


Landing Page Optimization: Getting Started

Online Marketers spend a good amount of time and money designing websites and campaigns to drive visitors to the site. When a visitor clicks though from a banner, marketers need to ensure that the visitors just doesn’t remain a visitor but becomes a customer. In order for a visitor to become a customer the value […]


Carmen Sutter | Web Analytic Metrics that Matter

Guest post by Carmen Sutter. She’s on my team, and specializes in Web Analytics. So you finally implemented web analytics. Now what? What metrics should you look at? What do those metrics mean? As always with questions like this the answer is: It depends. It depends on what type of site you are running. It […]