Michael Manning

Splash Pages: Bad for Usability, Bad for SEO

If your job involves convincing clients why they need to redesign their sites with SEO in mind, sooner or later you’ll run into the splash screen conundrum. Splash screens are terrible from an SEO perspective, but some clients love them more than their own children. They think about their website the same way they see the receptionist at their office in the real world… when you enter the front door, they want the first thing you see to be a pretty face.

Shimon Sandler

7 Steps to Create a Custom Blog

For some people, the thought of creating a custom blog is dizzying. This post is meant to help those people create a customized blog from scratch. It’s really not that difficult, even if you have zero technical skills. For a blog platform, my personal choice is WordPress. And, the price is right. Free. Step #1: [...]

Shimon Sandler

New Favicon

I’m psyched I finally got a good favicon. It was two years ago that I tried my hand at creating a favicon. I wasn’t happy with my crude graphics skills. So, I abandoned it for the standard bluehost favicon. That funky blue square. I know I needed a new one. But it was always on [...]

Shimon Sandler

Strategy for Mobile Websites

I went to the Mobile Marketing Forum in NYC a couple of weeks ago, and ever since, I’ve been desirous of, and wondering how to monetize a mobile website. Obviously, it needs to be WAP enabled, and written in a language like xhtml. One of the mobile ad networks thought very highly of the Walled [...]

Shimon Sandler

Optimizing a PDF Document for Search

I received an SEO question regarding whether or not it is a good idea to use old email newsletters (PDF files) as website content. We are setting up a site/blog for one of our clients. They have a ton of content in the form of newsletters that they were mailing out to customers. We are [...]

Shimon Sandler

Absolute vs Relative URL’s

I got a question today regarding whether it makes a difference in the Search Engines if the URL’s to internal pages are relative or absolute. Back to the basics, with the age old question of Absolute vs Relative URL’s. What is an Absolute url? What is a Relative URL? Absolute URL’s are written out fully. [...]

Shimon Sandler

Flash Navigation? What’s up Bruce?

With all the commotion about Dave Pasternack, I thought I’d divert onto a well-known SEO figure; Bruce Clay. Bruce is a dinosaur in the SEO industry, and he has a great site full of good content, and useful SEO Tools. Just one question…What’s up with that Flash navigation? Isn’t that a no-no for SEO bestpractices. [...]