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Jewish Chicken Soup – This is the Real Thing

Here is my mother’s recipe for chicken soup. Known as Jewish penicillin. It looks complicated at first glance, but it’s really very easy to make.
Chicken Soup
***(Make the soup the day before so that the fat will harden, come to the top of the bowl, and you can discard it.)***

If possible, buy a pullet (chicken less than a year old) from the butcher — (cut into 1/8’s and ask for extra gurgles and gizzards, if butcher has them).
(You can use a package of Empire’s Cut-Up Chicken Parts — the pullet is better, but the Empire cup-up parts is okay to use as a substitute).

Make an Herb Bundle — wrapped and tied in cheesecloth:
*parsley (Italian parsley with the root, if available; cut off the root and scrape it clean. Add it to the soup). [It’s okay if you can’t get the parsley root.] [If Italian parsley is not available, then the regular curly parsley is okay].
*celery (one rib, cut into workable pieces — two or three pieces, depending on the size of the rib)
*celery leaves
*one bay leaf (dried)
[The bundles of parsley and dill are usually so large that I use only half a bundle of each. I freeze the other half for the next time I want to make chicken soup].

carrots — [I use 2 carrots, cut into three or four pieces each.]
onions (whole) [we use 2 onions because we like to eat an onion in the soup; otherwise, one onion is probably enough.]
6 glasses water

Bring chicken and water to a boil. Take off the dark foam that forms when the water boils. When the foam stops forming, add the carrots, onions, and herb bundle. Cover and boil for one and a half hours.

When cool, using a fork, press the liquid from the herb bundle and add to the soup. Discard the herb bundle. Separate the chicken, carrots, and onion from the soup and refrigerate. Pour the soup into a large bowl and refrigerate overnight so that the fat will harden.

The next day: Remove the fat that has formed on the top of the soup. Extra soup can be frozen, if desired.

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  1. Ohh man, chicken soup sounds sooooo good right about now.

  2. I love chicken soup!! I always told my mother she needs to teach me how she does it but this recipe may help. Thanks!

  3. Tony Spencer says:

    That looks delicious. Printed and saved in the recipe book!

  4. Very well Explained, i will be trying this when i get home…

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