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Importance of Content Quantity

The blocking & tackling of SEO is Content & Links. I’ve discussed a Link Optimization and why advertisers should stop paying Google. But, Links are just half of the equation to champion keyword rankings. The other half of the equation is Content. Quality & Quantity.

Once you’ve made your site search engine friendly through a technical SEO analysis, it’s time to build content on to what you have. Google likes content-heavy sites vs content-light sites. Think about the 7 page brochure site vs the 500,000 pages on a news site.

Generally speaking, the more pages of content, the better. Better for keyword ranking. Better for users. A Content-rich site is a good thing. Especially, in combination with a properly structured link campaign. The ole’ 1-2 punch.

As you buildout content, you should create Content Silos. Just like a farmer has a silo of corn, wheat, or whatever, so should your website have tightly grouped themed categories of content.

Page Structure:
1) Title tag
2) Description meta
3) Keyword Meta
4) H1 tag
5) A few paragraphs of crawlable, text content.

Using these 5 areas on a webpage, you can buildout multiple pages and create content silos. The navigation, sidebars, and advertisements can all stay the same on each page, as long as the 5 things listed above are unique. The few paragraphs of crawlable text should be optimized by SEO Copywriting.

Google is looking for the subject matter expert to rank #1. The more webpages you have on your site about a particular subject will make your website resource-rich, and appear as the subject matter expert.

Content Building should be an ongoing investment which adds value for your site visitors, will help you champion keyword rankings, and will drive more traffic to your site.

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  1. I think content quantity is very important for SEO. I enjoyed reading this article as its very technical and I am still learning. Thank you.

  2. Great Content,

    I am always giving advice on SEO to our less seasoned affiliates and information like this is always useful to them.

    Understanding the basics gives you the proper foundation for a productive future.

    “amat victoria curam” 🙂


  3. Content is king?

  4. Along with quantity, quality of content also cannot be ignored. “Quantity with Quality” must be the motto of SEO. The author nicely points out five elements of page structure. Thanks for sharing a nice article.

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