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Developing a Unique Selling Proposition in PPC Ads

Writing a PPC ad that contains a “Unique Selling Proposition” can significantly increase conversions. The USP concept offers consumers something desirable & different than the competition. The challenge is getting your USP stated in so few characters. You’re limited to 95 characters on Google.

There are 3 general principles behind a USP – Unique, Selling, and Proposition.

A classic example of a USP message is the M&M’s slogan: “The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand” [56 characters].

It’s best if your product or service is unique. But, if it’s not unique, then think of something unique about the package, message, or benefits.

Benefits can be classified into “checkable” and “uncheckable” benefits.

– An example of a checkable benefit is FedEx. Their USP is: “When your package absolutely, positively has to get there overnight”. The consumer can easily check that.

– An example of an uncheckable benefit is Wonder Bread’s USP, “Wonder Bread Helps Build Strong Bodies 12 Ways”. It’d be pretty tough for somebody to check that benefit.

The PPC ad copy needs to be so persuasive that it helps the consumer decide to purchase. The ad copy should be targeting the basic needs of the consumer. Base it on deep motivations or threats to either learned and unlearned needs.

Learned needs are things like appearance weight, social prestige.
Unlearned needs are physiological needs such as health, shelter, hunger, and thirst.

Just remember to target a specific need rather than a solution to everything. Specific targeting has been shown to increase conversion rates.

Ideally, the proposition should indicate that the promised benefit will be obtained upon purchase. In order to accomplish this, the USP needs to be believable & credible. Credibility is the most important aspect of the USP.

Methods to aid credibility:
1) Illustration and demonstration.
2) Prestige through association with a person, or organization.
3) Testimonials by ordinary people, (not celebrity endorsements).

Writing compelling PPC ads that contain a USP can be very challenging. If you are running large search campaigns, you might want to consider using an experienced PPC ad copywriter.

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