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Digg vs. Google for Blog Monetization

The title of this post reminds me of the old WWF steel-cage wrestling matches. Although, this one might be for who has the most relevant results, who has the largest user base, and who has the most keyword inventory.

I’ve recently seen the power of Digg. And, I’m pretty amazed.

My personal experience with Digg which turned me into a believer happened when someone submitted a post which was not mine. That Digg submission eventually worked it’s way to the front page of Digg. And, surprisingly, I received over 6000 visitors from Digg. I couldn’t believe it. Which made me wonder how much those 6000 visitors might have cost from a PPC campaign, and how relevant the traffic would be. Yet, the visitors came naturally & free, in a 24 hour period from a blog post. I was amazed.

1) How much are these non-PPC visitors worth?
2) How many of those Digg visitors be relevant and become repeat visitors?

In an IM conversation with Andy, he told me “for every 10,000 visitors from being on the homepage of Digg, Marketing Pilgrim often sees an average of 10% of those Digg visitors becoming repeat visitors”. (Permission granted to publish his quote).

digg-alexa2 As we can see from Alexa data, Digg is no where near the user base as Google.

Heather from Hitwise did a nice job capturing the upstream & downstream traffic from Digg.

Hey, the traffic is huge & free! If Digg is going to send thousands of visitors to my blog for free, there’s got to be something to say for that. Regardless of how much a non-ppc visitor is worth, or their propensity to become repeat visitors. All that traffic increases the chances of a visitor clicking on my contextual ads, clicking thru and converting on one of my Advertiser’s banners, and according to Andy, approximately 10% become repeat visitors.

So, it definitely behooves bloggers to put these little social bookmarking icons at the bottom of each post in the hopes of getting Dugg.

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  1. 6000 x 0.30 = $180. Well at least that’s what it would cost for me going by my average CPC at the moment.

    If that 10% figure is accurate that’s actual pretty good, I was expecting it to be much less than that.


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