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Example of a PPC Strategy Document

It’s been over a year that I posted a basic proposal for an SEO Consultant. So, I’ve been thinking it’s about time for a post that outlines the basic criteria within a PPC Strategy document.

This post is meant to describe what elements go into creating a PPC Search Strategy document that can be woven into the overarching digital marketing plan. This document should provide further detail to the buys, as well as the strategic, creative, and optimization recommendations.

This paid search program is geared to support the overarching marketing efforts surrounding *your client*.

– State what the business objectives are here. The measurement for success will be stated below.
– Reaching and connecting with the targeted demographic audience to generate buzz & awareness.


Recommended Search Engine(s):
Google – Paid Keywords across, Google Content Network, and Google’s syndicated network which includes: AOL, Ask, HotBot, Iwon, Lycos, and Netscape)
Yahoo – and their search distribution network: (AltaVista, and AllTheWeb)

Timing & Budgets:
$24,000 budget.
– Pre-Launch:
Brief and pre-plan: Complete (1 week).
Approval, copy development and placement: Complete (1 week ).
QA and live: (1 week)
– Flight Dates (tentative):
October 22, 2007 – February 22, 2008

Keyword Strategy:
– Determine which keywords will pull in qualified traffic, how many searches do these terms/phrases receive, how should keywords & copy be used in combination to attract search traffic.
– Determine which keywords and campaigns are most popular and effective within their market segment.
– Keyword Bucketing – Terms separated into 4 (or as many as you feel is relevant) audience segment buckets:
1. Bucket Name #1
2. Bucket Name #2
3. Bucket Name #3
4. Bucket Name #4

– Bidding on Similar brand terms to capture the genre audience.
– Perform a thorough keyword analysis to identify under-priced keywords and keyword combinations.
– Utilize various keyword matching options; broad, exact, phrase, and negative.

sample ppc keyword chart

– Keyword List: Initial keyword list will be adjusted (+/-) as performance data is accumulated

Creative Strategy:
– Tone of ad creative customized with keywords to appeal to the targeted audience demographic.
– Combination of Broad terms/Specific creative, and Exact terms/Specific creative.
– Deliver ads to a broad audience, and appeal to specific demographic.
– Bi-Weekly Ad copy optimization.

– Two sets of copy for each of the keyword buckets will be utilized initially for this campaign.
– Test multiple versions (A/B Splits) of Ad copy per search engine.
– Optimize ads on a bi-weekly basis.

– Nationally targeting.

– Gender: Men/Women
– Age Groups: 18-55
– Geography: USA
– Ethnicity: Caucasion

Bid optimization:
– By tracking & optimizing keyword level performance metrics, we will be able to execute a high level of campaign efficiency in relation to campaign objectives.

– Initial Media Plan – (Option #1)
– Based on the approved initial digital media plan, we estimate 51,151 available clicks across 3 engines for the remainder of the year. The CPC for these terms varies which is reflective of more competition for these terms by other etailers. The terms would average $6,000/month and would drive over 12k monthly brand engagements.

sample ppc forecast

– Expanded Opportunity – (Option #2)
– Expanded Opportunity: If *Client* can find additional funding, there is room to expand the brand/products “findability”. Using the same search engines and the same keywords, the opportunity is over 1,030,877 available clicks from Sept thru Dec. And, over 257K monthly brand engagements. Average CPC is lowered due to the overwhelming opportunity on Google.
sample incremental forecast

Budget Recommendation: As seen from the options above, the opportunity exceeds the initial budget. In order to increase efficiencies, drive a more effective CPC, & generate a higher SOV, we recommend a minimum monthly spend of $10,000. ($40,000 Total Spend)

Success Metrics:
— perhaps create Primary & Secondary Success Metrics? —
— Ideally, only identify 1 or 2 success metrics. Below are some examples.–
1. Rank (1 – 3rd position sought for prominence and syndication benefit)
2. Efficient volume of qualified visitors to site (Manage to a Avg CPC Performance Metric ($0.45-$0.47 Avg CPC)
3. *Describe a specific ROAS objective, or a Conversion Rate*.
4. *Another metric for success*

– Measurement requirements: Install tracking code on appropriate webpage(s) associated with paid search.

Next Steps:
– *Client* to authorize approval to begin Search Campaign.
– Install Tracking Code on appropriate webpages.
– Launch 11/1/07

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  1. Wow, great Article here Shimon. I normally use Google adwords free keyword tool to get plenty of keyword suggestions. The good thing about it is that all the keywords are related to their adwords ads anyway.
    Looking forward to read more of your articles.

  2. Hi, I found the article very interesting from a perspective on how you put your strategy together. The content was good and I would use it as a PPC resource in the future.

    Thanks for going into the detail of information you went to.

    Hae a successful year,


  3. Very informative, thankyou.

  4. SHIMON,
    While I’m aware this has been up for sometime now, in my opinion, guys like you just don’t get enough credit for the work you do in helping LOTS of other people get a clearer understand and/or a jump start in preparing PPC and/or SEO strategic documents…so, for me, I personally thank you…

    +Vincent Wright

  5. Great resource. You should write an e-book about PPC. And am sure it would become viral.

    Thanks for the post.

  6. That’s a really cool info. Providing a Forecast along with the initial proposed budget is a nice touch since it explains ow much potential a client can expect from the PPC campaign. It also helps the client to understand the real potential of the PPC platforms.

  7. This really is fantastic, thank you!

  8. Quite useful document, I got a few workable points from this post…Thanks for it.

  9. Love content like this that is still useful 6 years later.

  10. This post is now pretty old and may not have that impact today especially with the changes happened in search marketing arena – especially both Google and bing have been introduced a lot of new dimensions over their PPC platform. That said, the idea of the author was good however I appreciate if he could provide us some more details about chalking-out a PPC plan for a mobile optimized campaign.

    Good comment! \m/

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