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Google GeoAds beta

Google GeoAds beta has been out for less than 2 weeks. CPC’s are super cheap.

Wanna see it? Go to Google Local and type in the search box, “booksellers nyc�. You should see a little coffee cup in addition to the little red ballons. Click on the coffee cup, and an ad appears for Barnes & Noble with their logo, hyperlink, street location, and phone number. Sweet, huh? That is a PPC ad. Super cheap cpc’s. And a really fresh beta. Only 2 weeks old. Sweeeeeet.

It also has a management interface like adwords. Just get a link/client added to your My Client Center (MCC).

Now if you’re new to Google Local, the listings on the left are Free / Organic.
To get into Goggle Local you need to enter your business location. If you have multiple locations like a nationwide retailer, or realtor, then you can upload a feed at the Google Local Business Center. If you have more than ten locations, you can send Google a data feed.

If you have already submitted your feed for Google Base, you’ll need to submit another feed for your locations to Google Local. Google Base is for products, and Google Local is for locations.

Google Base products show in the “One box� under Product search results on a regular Web Search:

Google Local locations only show on Google Local.

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  1. dude I get nuthin’ 🙁

  2. ElliotO says:

    Hey, you are a walking advertisement for Google. RIGHT!~

  3. Graywolf: Barry answers why you didn’t see anything… “If you are a Mac user, like myself, you most likely won’t see the coffee icon, in either Safari or even Firefox. But if you are a PC user, you should see the result on both IE and FireFox.” His post is:

  4. I use a PC. I tried it in FireFox and in IE. I zoomed in, I zoomed out. Nothing. What’s the secret handshake?

    Robbin Steif

  5. This G local system has a decent user experience, but seems like a lacking model for local advertisers as there are still no options for display advertising. When will they figure it out – local advertisers need to brand more than the online ecommerce businesses who have made G successful.

  6. I’m on a PC using Firefox and I still don’t see the coffee cup… maybe they’ve taken it off since they’re getting all these curiosity clicks from people reading your blog. 🙂


    Would be a more direct link, though i do not get the coffee cup as well.

  8. I tried the same search “booksellers” term, but with different cities and I never got the coffee cup icon in any other city than NYC, but I did a search for “booksellers San Francisco” and I got an icon of a bed and it was a sponsored link for InterContinental Hotels. I’m sure there’ll be much more of this in near future.

  9. great! 🙂

  10. Now you are on – have fun with the traffic 🙂

  11. The only good thing about it is that GoogleAds are not as annoying as regular banners – still they’re a nuisance to anyone out there – I am unwilling to see the world devided into “service” and “business” since everyone out there knows: you have to pay for ads, no – the customer is gonna pay for it.

    It almost makes me feel we need an open source service for that…

  12. Interesting. Has anyone also noticed that Google appears to be serving up locations at the foot of its ads? I can only assume this is a step towards geo-targeting through a users IP address.

    More at

  13. It almost makes me feel we need an open source service for that…


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