Shimon Sandler

Google Holiday Gift

It’s starting to happen…The Search Engines are sending gifts to advertisers:-) WooHoo!
1. Google sent me an Ipod Shuffle.
2. Yahoo sent me a fancy corkscrew kit from Leeds.
3. MSN sent me a bottle of wine from

I wonder if any of the other Search Engines I use are sending me gifts?

Last year, Google sent a Google Blanket. That was a very practical gift that has seen a lot of use. This year’s Google gift seems just as clever, in that it will most likely get a lot of use, and keeps the Google brand in front of me. Unlike a bottle of wine, or a unbranded corkscrew. I’m certainly not unappreciative. I’m just thinking of the long-lasting effect of the Google gift vs. the other gifts.

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  1. Great stuff on Google for this year 2006! No doubt!

  2. What a lucky guy!

  3. Out of curiosity, how much do you think you have to spend to get gifts like that? This year, I spent over $35K on Adwords (not for my personal site, but for my business sites) and haven’t received any gifts. 🙁

  4. Haha, that’s awesome man! Google sure does know where it’s at… 🙂

  5. Googel sent me a digital photo frame this year… Pissed I didn’t get the ipod. sent me a pair of Tiffany’s mugs..
    When I got that cool blue box that says Tiffany & Company… Boy was I excited… Then I open it and there are some lame beer mugs that aren’t even engraved…
    Very lame!!! Someones wife must work at Tiffany’s and got a huge commission checks.

  6. Rezwan says:

    ipod shuffle; those cheap bastards at Google

  7. That’s a much better gift than this year’s digital picture frame from AdSense…

  8. I agree that this is a much better gift than the AdSense gift they sent out, however it makes sense they are going to give the big AdWords publishers a better gift. Ultimately it’s the AdWords publishers that drive everything, yes?

  9. Ads aren’t worth anything unless you have somewhere to publish them. 😉 And Google does quite nicely from AdSense.

    But yeah, a Shuffle is way better than the digital picture frame.

  10. We’ve gotten some cool stuff in passed years, gadgets, games always very inventive gifts. We spent approx $2mil this year with Adwords – we got an email that had a photo of our Google team in an ornament!

  11. TOTALLY random question, but do you still have this Shuffle? If so, take a look at the back of it, right above the Apple logo. Google had a special message printed on the back of these gifts…but their name was misspelled. It reads: “ooGleg thanks you!” Can you confirm this?

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