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Google MCC Accounts – Generating Invoices

Here’s a short post that’s meant to help you save time, and increase productivity.

For those of you that manage a Google MCC, there’s no need to click into every single account to generate a monthly invoice. Depending on the amount of accounts you manage, this exercise could take quite a long time.

So, here’s an easier method to grab all of your monthly invoices, broken out by specific accounts.

1) Log into your Google MCC Account.
2) Click on “My Account” tab.
3) Use dropdown to select Date Range.
4) The Billing Summary will appear on the next screen sorted by Month/year.

On that screen you are given several hyperlinks from which you can grab information. The choices are consolidated (.pdf) | spreadsheet | account-level (.zip) .

I prefer to use the account-level (.zip) which contains every invoice by account for that month.

That’s it. Hopefully, this post has saved you time and energy.

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  1. Hi Shimon! I was excited to read your post – our accounting dept. drives me/us crazy with invoicing. I must admit, however, that when I follow steps #1 and #2 I never seem to find #3 and subsequently #4. Any chance we could get some screen shots?

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