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Google Penguin 3.0 Update POV

Penguin 3.0 is a Google algorithm update aimed to penalize websites that use unnatural link-building techniques in attempt to artificially increase their ranking.

What happened?

Google released the Penguin 3.0 refresh this past weekend.

  • Google’s Pierre Far deemed it a “refresh”, not an “update”, but we’re keeping an eye out for further confirmation from Google.
  • It’s a worldwide rollout affecting less than 1% of English queries, which is still potentially a significant amount.
  • It’s expected to continue rolling out for the next few weeks.
  • This “refresh” reinforces Google’s commitment to eliminate unnatural link building techniques. They’re doing this by helping those sites that were demoted with the last Penguin update (but have since cleaned up their pages) and demoting newly found sites that use spam techniques.
  • More information should become available within the next few weeks once Google releases an official statement.

    How will it affect you?

    This update has caused a wide range of domains and links to be discounted as “real” links. Those links will no longer act as a vote or pass credit, therefore it may decrease the authority of a webpage.

    We recommend checking your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to see if there are any significant changes to your account.

    What should you do moving forward?

    The following is a list of techniques to avoid when link-building, and may help you avoid dropping in rank with future updates:

  • Don’t use “over optimized” (or exact match) anchor text from other domains. (Especially other domains you own.)
  • Be careful about adding links in press releases. (Matt Cutts made a statement that links within press releases pass no value, and should be tagged as nofollow.)
  • Don’t build any paid links such as paid directories or renting links.
  • Be careful about how you exchange links with other websites.
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