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Googlebowling: The New Conditions

I’m feeling very dark today.

Last year there was a new term coined: Googlebowling.

Definition: GoogleBowling is when you put site-wide links on multiple sites, and the link is pointing at your competition for the sole purpose of eliminating them from the Search results. Google’s ranking algorithm will penalize the target site, and the target site will disappear from the SERP’s. You just bowl them over.

GreyWolf details the “original� how to of Googlebowling your competition.

Does Googlebowling work anymore?
Search engine algorithms have changed. Is googlebowling just a lot of meaningless talk nowadays?

Question: Will multiple site-wide links qualify as googlebowling as per the original definition last year?

Is it possible that too many site-wide links will trigger Google’s spam filter? And effectively Googlebowl your competition.
Okay, here’s my first bold statement: There is no such thing as too many links.

Basically, Google doesn’t count the sitewides any more. Google will only give the site credit for 1 backlink. And, Google isn’t penalizing for a sitewide links. Think about blogs. All those links are sitewide. And, you just get 1 citation rather than 1 for each page. So, if you’re buying a $1,500 site-wide link to rank on Google; it’s WAY overpriced. But, people are willing to pay for it. The benefit of site-wide links is on Yahoo and MSN. So, should you throw out the theory of Googlebowling?

Here’s the catch, and how Googlebowling can work…Linking the competitor to bad neighborhoods will trigger Google’s spam filter, and get the site penalized on Google.

I guess the NEW definition of Googlebowling is: Site-wide inbound links coming from bad neighborhoods, and using a competitive term as the text link’s anchor text.

However, some “authority sites� are impossible to googlebowl. Eg: 10 years+ in the index and thousands of inbound links already.

Furthermore, with Google, it usually takes multiple offenses to get de-indexed. So, just bad links alone won’t do it. Although, bad links + cloaking will. But, it’s really difficult to knock a strong site out of the index. Just look what happened to BMW. They already have 1 offense for cloaking. So, I wonder if they are highly susceptible to be Googlebowled by Mercedes-Benz. hehehe

But, you can Googlebowl if the competitive site doesn’t hold much creditably with Google.
Yahoo and MSN are a different story. A lot of site-wide links will boost you to the top SERP’s on Yahoo and MSN.

Why can’t you “YahooBowl� or “MSNbowl�? That’s because on Yahoo and MSN, there is a major hole in their algorithm.
Using sitewide links are probably the #1 Black Hat strategy to rank on Yahoo and MSN.

Hence, Googlebowling. But remember, Googlebowling only works if the links come from bad neighborhoods, and the site has multiple offenses.

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  1. I don’t know about this … It has been my experience that a sitewide on a low PR site carries more Google weight for me than a homepage-only link on a high PR site.

  2. do a search in google for “sitewides & google”. the results are ironically funny.

  3. Personally, I don’t believe in Googlebowling–until someone shows me real proof that it works. Inbound linking is not controlled by the website in question, per se, so I doubt Google penalizes for it. It just ignores those links, like it ignores so many, many others. Cloaking, on the other hand, will get you penalized.

  4. Black hat SEO bad!!!

  5. >>sitewide links are probably the #1 Black Hat strategy

    isn’t that a bit of a stretch? sitewide links = blackhat seo?

    what if i buy advertising on a page that practices the longpage practice, and has only one page for the whole site. that is, in essence, a sitewide link. do i now have to fear the wrath of the gods?

    and if sitewide links are truly considered a blackhat practice, then shame on all the blackhatters for letting your craft get so trivialized.

  6. Googlebowling is not only a fact – its happening right now.
    Depending on the strength of a site – it can be googlebowled. Ive proved this by using googlebowling techniques on a white hat website I own.

    From an internet cafe – I associated certain offsite black hat seo techniques with that site and 3 weeks later it was de-indexed by google.. although the site still gets 1000 hits fromother search engines ,,in google its dead. This could have been done by anyone from a computer anywhere in the world.

    Even beggin to google that you dont know why your sites been de-indexed gets you nowhere – they have a problem and they dont know what to do about it – because its impossible to tell if a sites offsite activity has been done by the owner or somebody else – and googles algorithm doesnt take this into account – it assumes its from the site owner. Meaning anyone can associate any website with black hat seo.

    More about this at

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