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How to get the Indented SERP

I received a question from someone that is ranking in the 2nd & 3rd spots for his keyword phrase. His #3 spot is indented. However, when he checked yesterday, he saw the indented URL to the optimized subpage disappeared.

His question is, “Why did the subpage disappear if that is the more relevant, optimized page for the keyword phrase? Does the reason have something to do with the overall linkpower of the domain? This particular subpage has almost all of the linkjuice for the target keyword going to it, not the homepage. So, why would Google bury the subpage in favor of the homepage?”

This is almost like Google is saying that the domain will rank for the keyword…but not necessarily the exact page you’re optimizing.

Here’s my answer:
The solution is to NOT use the same anchor text in ALL the paid links. There is a need to mix up the anchor text a bit like: SEO, SEO Consulting, SEO Consultant, SEO and PPC, etc. Otherwise, if you don’t mix it up a bit, in the eyes of the Google algorithm, it will appear as if you are over-optimizing, and your subpage will get buried.

Following this strategy should insure you get the Indented listing, AND the homepage listing on Google.

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