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How to Optimize Flash Files

Google and other search engines cannot tell what is contained within an unoptimized flash file. Additionally, if a browser does not have flash installed, it can be a bad user experience.

Using SWFObject is a great method how to optimize flash files. SWFObject is an easy-to-use and standards-friendly method to embed Flash content, which utilizes one small JavaScript file.

SWFObject is flash detection code written in JavaScript (JS) that detects if a browser has a flash plug-in installed.

  • If the plug-in is detected, the flash piece is displayed.
  • If the plug-in is not detected, alternative content contained within a div tag is displayed.
  • If there is no alternate content in a div, nothing is displayed!

Below is a good example from Sony Music:

And here, the alternative content contained within the div tag displayed:
alternate text in swf

The key here is that search engines will read text, links, and even alt attributes within the div tag.

Therefore, implementing swfobject to optimize Flash for SEO is highly beneficial, to users who don’t have flash installed on their browser, and to the search engine spiders.

Keep in mind that SWFObject should only be used to leverage the flash content; do not use it to stuff keywords, images, or links that are not represented in the file.

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  1. Tandeep says:

    Thanks for this information, now I got an idea to optimise a flash site !!

  2. It is good to add content for flash site. Search engines read only content..that the reason we need to use the content on SWF file..

  3. Thank you for this article. thanks to this I have save time and money as I am now reviewing my new Flash site. When I asked the person I commissioned to build my new site about if it was SEO optimised I just got a confused look!! Great article & Great site!!

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