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So many no-names, have become superstars overnight in the world of podcasting. For example, 26 yr old Sebastian Babolat started recording French lessons (FrenchPodclass) from his living room, and within a few months he had over 10,000 subscribers.

That’s when the advertisers will start flocking, and circling like vultures. And, that’s when a podcaster can start to make serious money. For example: Volvo recently spent $60,000 for a six-month ad sponsorship of’s Web site and podcast.

So, how to start podcasting?

Podcasts are easy to create. All you need is a computer, microphone, and software (Audacity is free). You’ll also need a place to host your podcasts. There are regular web hosting accounts that can get very expensive if your podcast becomes popular. So, there have sprouted specialized hosting companies like Liberated Syndication that charges $10/month, or which will host your podcast and store your archived shows for free.

There are Podcast kits that include everything like Podcast Factory ($179) which includes a decent microphone, external interface with controls for input and output levels and jacks for headphones, speakers and instruments, and copies of Audacity and Podifier…programs for publishing your podcast. As an extra, you might want to get an audio mixer (TAPCO $120).

Basically, you’ll need to export the audio file as an MP3, and turning it into a feed for people to subscribe to.

Podcast tips:
1. Keep it under 30 minutes.
2. Write a script, and stick to a regular agenda for the show.
3. Get a good microphone. It makes a big difference in your show quality, and people won’t think your broadcasting from your garage (even if you really are).
4. Create your feed with Feedburner, and validate your feed with FeedValidator.
5. Create an eye-catching logo design that will attract listeners.
6. Lastly, post the link on iTunes and other directories.

Who knows, pretty soon, you too might become a Podcasting superstar.

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  1. I’d love to do a podcast – even twice monthly. Shimon – think about it.. sph

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