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How to Upload an Adwords Bulksheet

Once your Google Account Team sets you up a My Client Center. You become empowered to upload accounts yourself, and link accounts to your MCC.

From that point forward, the only thing you’ll you’ll need them to do, is to generate a Service Agreement for each campaign you want to run. Here are the steps:
1) Build your own campaign using this Google Bulksheet template.
2) Load the campaign into Adwords Editor, and upload to Adwords.
3) Link the campaign to your MCC.

Here are the details…

Follow these steps in AdWords Editor to upload your campaign:

– Start with the “Campaign” tab and be sure to include the appropriate dates and daily budget.
– When uploading keywords, please click on the “Keyword” tab and hit the “Make Multiple Changes” button.
– Select “Add/Update Mulitiple Keywords”
– Hit the second radial button (My keyword information below includes…..)
– Then, copy the entire data area on the buildout spreadsheet within the “keywords” tab. Paste within the popup box in Adwords Editor. Then, hit finish!

To copy and paste text ads, you can follow these same steps but do so in the “Text Ads” tab. Additionally, once your CPCs have been set, please be sure to update and include an overall ad group CPC in the “Ad Group” tab.

Once you’ve uploaded the campaign from Adwords Editor into the Adwords interface, you still will NOT be able to see it in your MCC until you “Link” it to the MCC.

Now, go to your MCC. There should be a hyperlink on top of the campaign list that says, “Link existing account“. Click on the link, and type your CID (Customer ID number) into the box.

Now, go login to the individual adwords account you just linked. It will ask you to approve. Now, approve it.

That’s it. You’re finished. Congrats! The only thing you’ll need your Adwords team for now, is to generate Service Agreements.

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