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Keyword Segments within the Conversion Funnel

The Conversion Funnel consists of 3 parts. Keywords can be segmented into these three segments:
1) Awareness
2) Consideration
3) Purchase
* See graphical representation of the conversion funnel below post.

Keyword Segments:

1) Awareness:
Keywords are broad. Medium priced CPC’s, and high impressions.
Low amount of terms.
Consumer intention is to find information about product category, options, decision criteria.
Search volume is high.
Search competition is medium.
Conversion rate is low.

2) Consideration:
Keywords are targeted. Higher priced CPC’s, and medium impressions.
Medium amount of terms.
Consumer has filtered list of purchase criteria. Consumer intention is to track and compare purchase criteria.
Search volume is Medium.
Search competition is High.
Conversion rate is Medium.

3) Purchase:
Keywords are highly targeted. Low priced CPC’s, and Low impressions.
Large amount of terms.
Consumer is committed to purchase and ready to buy.
Search volume is Low.
Search competition is Low.
Conversion rate is High.

Keyword Strategy:
To increase conversions create Dynamic Landing Pages based on Search Terms.

Conversion Funnel

Additional Sources:
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  1. Looks like the AIDA model: attention, interest, desire and action.

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