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Linkbaiting Experiment

First of all, I want to thank everyone who contributed to the comments and great advice of the previous post about my blogging frustration.

My previous post had two purposes.
1) To express some real frustration.
2) To see if it would work as linkbait.

Something unexpected happened: Some of the “A-list� bloggers offered some great advice in the comments section.

Here are the results:


Before the post, my blog traffic was averaging around 45 unique visitors/day. Pretty miserable, huh? After this post, it soared to 190 unique visitors. So, that’s got to be good for something. Hopefully, I’ve attracted at least a few more readers, regardless whether I got more links or not. Below is the chart from Statcounter. Click to enlarge the picture.



Before the experiment, according to Technorati, I had a Technorati Rank: 347,456 (12 links from 8 sites).

I’m not sure how frequently Technorati updates this information, so to post the results today for the increased amount of links is probably premature.

Question: Was this experiment a failure or not?

I’m still not sure, since it is premature to quantify the amount of links gained. In a few more days I’ll probably have a better idea. Interestingly, I didn’t use one of Nick Wilson’s Linkbaiting Methods listed below:

1) News hook
2) Contrary Hook
3) Attack Hook
4) Resource Hook
5) Humor Hook

I think I just created a new method…the “Whiney Hookâ€?.

Anyway, it was fun watching the traffic, and experimenting with a new linkbaiting method.

And, really, that’s the whole gist of online marketing anyway…everything is a test. If it works: Great! If not, try something else.

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  1. My advice, if you link bait never admit it. Otherwise you’re effectively telling bloggers, “Hey I did this purely to get you to come/link to my site”. It’s one thing to make that plan, but I wouldn’t admit it.

    Now you might have those same bloggers who gave you advice, feel like they were tricked.

    I don’t care, but others might.

  2. Haha, you made your readers and visitors into lab rats, good job … not.

    I had a suspicion this was linkbait when leaving my comment on the other post. I will remember this blog and blogger but not in the positive.

  3. Nothing was done maliciously. I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone. The post had a dual purpose. And for the online marketers, I thought they would appreciate this, and find it interesting. Bloggers who linkbait typically don’t admit it. They are doing it “undercover”. I am disclosing the stats in an honest fashion. Hopefully, most readers will find this interesting, not offensive. And, it will shed more light on linkbaiting techniques.

  4. You didn’t disclose it in your initial post which would have been much more forthcoming, don’t you think? Doing so after the fact is more likely the opposite and does make you come off as insincere. Offensive is the wrong word. Inappropriate is probably much more accurate.

    Hey, it’s your blog you can do what you want including running whatever experiments you want, but if you don’t have honesty with your readers you won’t have that many to experiment on.

    Just my 2 1/2 rusted pennies.

  5. Disclosing it was a linkbaiting experiment before hand would have had an impact on the results, so would not have been the correct course of action.

  6. Some people do not like the word “link bait” they are usually the people who do not need to use such tactics so yes, those who are “a-listers” might not return feeling used but for the rest of us weenies it is all good. This is a nice place, I will drop in more often and throw out a life line from my pirate ship if you ever get stuck on a reef, welcome aboard mate.

  7. Hmmm… Whining. Strategy 12 for Viral Copy?

    You should have done this earlier Shimon, and you would have made the report! 🙂

  8. I got duped, but seriously use the technorati tags to get more traffic.

  9. ElliotO says:

    These so-called A-Listers got duped, RIGHT!~ Well I think Mr. Sandler’s experiment was brilliant. As for TDavid, what’s your beef (gangster talk for “issue”)? Maybe some of us, can learn from this. I am not expecting Sandler to go on the lam (gangster talk for “go into hiding”). I am looking forward to Sandlers next experiment, RIGHT!~

  10. Excellent concept…marketing is partly about finding strategies that work and this definitely worked! Some of these guys were probably upset because they didn’t think of it first.

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