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Linking Strategy Cautions

A linking strategy should be part of every SEO plan’s roadmap. But, “buyer beware�?, even if you are trading links. Below are some things to look out for when another website wants to sell you a link, or trade links. These things will devalue your links SEO benefit, if not completely eliminate it.

Before agreeing to anything, you should analyze their website for the following:

Robots Meta Tags – If the noindex and nofollow appears in the meta tags, then that means the search engines will not index the webpage. Thus, even though you have a link on the page, it doesn’t count for SEO purposes.

Rel=nofollow Attributes – This tells the search engines not to follow that link. And is a big fat zero for SEO.

Redirected Links– Your link won’t point directly to your webpage.

Rotating Link List – As more links appear on the page, your link gets pushed further downward. Thus, reducing it’s SEO value.

Old Cache – If the cache is old, then it means the SE’s haven’t visited the page in a while. The page your link is on is probably worthless.

Link Farms – These typically have a large amount of links grouped into categories on the same page. The search engines consider these types of webpages spam. A link on a link farm can actually hurt you.

Cloaking – cloaking is the process of providing a page to people while providing a different page to search engines. You could be seeing your link on the Web page, but the search engines could possibly never see the link because they are provided with a different copy. Checking Google’s cache is the only way to catch this. Or check to see if they have a ROBOTS NO ARCHIVE meta tag. That’s a clue that they might employ cloaking.

Robots.txt –Make sure the webpage your link is on isn’t being excluded by the robots.txt file.

Meta Tags and Robots.txt Confusion – which instructions have the most weight? If they conflict, the page Meta tags are typically considered the rule to follow.

Link in the Header or noscript Tag – This is a trick to fool scripts or programs designed to verify the links exist. The programs read the code, and will see the link. However, a human will not see the link on the page.

Empty Anchors – This can be an honest mistake. The link exists. But, no one will see it.

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  1. I don’t think people would want to link development themselves after reading this list. Clients get a copy of SEO Elite and now are just sending requests to anyone who will link back without thinking about it. Brilliant post.


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