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Medio Mobile Ad Network

I had the opportunity to go to the Mobile Marketing Forum in NYC this week. I was specifically looking for a Mobile Ad Network that uses a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model, instead of the more common CPM model. If you’re not familiar with them already…Let me introduce to you Medio.

I spoke with Rowena Wong, their Director of Marketing. This post is about what I learned.

Medio has been around for 3 years. They currently provide On-deck Search for T-Mobile, Amp’d, Verizon, and Telus. However, before I explain the details of their Mobile search product, I think it’ll behoove us to review two concepts.

1) On-Deck: Is when you turn on your phone, and are at the “start page” of your carrier. Similarly to how AOL used to try to keep all it’s members within the AOL network. The carriers provide search on their “start page”. That’s termed, On-Deck.
2) Off-Deck: Is the publisher sites. Contextually relevant text ads & banner ads on publisher sites. Similar to Google Adsense. Example at: CelluFun

Medio provides On-Deck search for Amp’d, T-Mobile, and Verizon is in the process of a test.

On-Deck looks like the mobile search results as you’re used to seeing, but the PPC ad is in top position.

I asked Rowena how they do “targeted advertising”. She said,

Our window into Search activity “on deck” can be used in aggregate to do better targeting “off-deck”.

Setting up a campaign is easy. Advertisers just register, and set-up an account.
Log-in to the self serve interface.

Advertisers choose categories, not keywords. The keywords are bucketed into the categories behind the scenes by Medio. Publishers paste Ad-serving code into their site.

Advertisers can create their text ad, or upload their banner ads.
And add funds. It’s that easy. Oh, and they have a great reporting center which provides data like CTR’s, Clicks, etc.

The targeting is predominately North American.

There isn’t a ranking of positions because the ad is only served in the top position. So, the advertisers get their ad rotated. However, their is somewhat of a Quality score for rotation which is based on CPC and CTR.

The average CPC’s on the Medio network average somewhere between 2%-7%.

Advertisers cannot see which clicks are coming from which Publishers.

The best converting demographic is a younger male audience, and business travellers. Recommended is a call to action like a “Click-to-Call”, Email submit box, etc, and then send an automated SMS reply confirmation.

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