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Monthly PPC Performance Report Template

If you have any PPC clients, you most likely have to send Monthly Performance Reports. It doesn’t matter whether you are running small or large PPC campaigns. Do you separate out Content from Search? Do you measure Conversions? How do you measure success? Do you include analysis?

Here is an example of my “basic” PPC Performance Report. It has many self-calculating formulas within the cells.

A written analysis of the campaign should be included. Whether you choose to include it on the Excel sheet, in the body of the email, or as a separate Word document is your choice. Personally, I like to include it underneath the Performance Report, and write something that is reflective of the summary in the body of the email.

Depending on the intensity of the PPC campaign, you may choose to create a weekly or monthly status report. Within the Status report, you should state:
1) Report Dates (reporting period timeframe).
2) Campaign Objectives
3) Key Highlights & Challenges
4) Optimizations/Creative Modifications
5) Upcoming Activities/Opportunities

In your written analysis be specific and quantifiable. Call out specific CPC’s, CTR, Avg Positions, ROAS, Conversion Rates, etc. Talk about what happened “out-of-the-gate”, and how you optimized the campaign. Talk about strategy. Talk about Keywords ( Brand vs Non-Brand). Talk about Search Engine performance, and possible Search Engine expansion. Talk about upcoming optimizations & activities/opportunities.

I have created many variations of the attached PPC Performance Report Template to include metrics such as Play Rate, CPM’s for Site Targeting, Content Network metrics, etc.

If you don’t have a PPC Performance Report Template, then this one is a good place to start.

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  1. This is great Shimon – you should’ve put your URL in your logo to increase branding in case this turns viral! Thanks for sharing. I’ll be handing this out to our PPC101 students.

  2. ozzympw says:

    this is a great post and reporting template for all managers in SEM. great job – well done!

  3. i find seo report to be very complicated as each clients needs a very customized one

  4. Appreciate this, it gives a nice base to work from.

  5. Hello Shimon,

    Though I am in PPC marketing from last few years, while creating monthly reports for my clients, this detailed and well written analysis of what should be included in reports, will surely help me to avoid the mistakes and errors in future.

    Thanks for sharing.

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