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MySpace Optimization

Myspace optimization is more than just ranking high for a specific set of keywords. It’s also about targeting your demographic so your advertising efforts will be more effective. Think of it as accumulating a large amount of friends in the right demographic, so you can communicate advertise to them more effectively.

According to Hitwise data, MySpace moves into #1 position for all internet sites. Saavy marketers are optimizing Myspace.

Here are a few ways to optimize a Myspace page:
1) Get more targeted friends (sort by demographic criteria).
2) Leave “friends” comments
3) Profile Customization
4) Send Bulletins
5) Sending mass private messages (with banner ad).
6) Writing keyword-rich content with appropriate outbound linking with deliberate anchor text.
7) Get inbound links from other websites besides MySpace.

Sending bulletins, and messages (Myspace email) can be a great method to drive targeted traffic to your page, which can lead to sign-up’s, adsense clicks, impressions, etc.

Encourage users to interact with your profile by offering downloads, wallpapers, screensavers, AIM icons, audio, video, etc. Be creative. Host weekly contests and product giveaways.

More and more big brand advertisers are creating their on Myspace page. Some examples are: The US Army , and the Honda Element Myspace profile, and the Aquafina Myspace page.

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  1. Hello,

    Very good blog.
    Myspace optimization is something new for me.

    I have question.What do you mean “Myspace optimization”?

    Do you optimize your blog, your profile or your video?


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