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NEW: “Google MDS” – Manager Defined Spend

This is so new that there is no documentation on this anywhere I can find.

My Google team is hot for me to get on this, and I think it’s a great product enhancement.

A MDS is essentially a MCC (My Client Center). Although, the big difference is that the advertiser has the ability to create, modify & apply budgets without the need for a separate Service Agreement for each account. One Service Agreement, and then your Google rep just needs to create the child account shells.

It will look the same as your existing MCC, although there will be a button to the right that says, “Modify Budget”:
Google MDS

The Manager Defined Spend (MDS) is a new program by Google designed to allow you to create, fund, and modify your managed accounts with greater flexibility and efficiency.

– Create, Modify & Allocate Budget Effectively.
– Increased Efficiency.
– Customer Flexibility and Control On Multiple Accounts.
– 1 service agreement to cover multiple accounts.

The MDS (Manager Defined Spend) is empowering the SEM’s to adjust their own accounts & budgets/flight dates without the need for an additional service agreement.

Google rep still needs to create a child account shell.
Invoicing still comes to the SEM, and invoicing can be on an account basis, or as 1 consolidated invoice per MDS. Although, the invoices are not mailed. I need to manually pull that from the interface.
When the transition to a MDS from a MCC happens, the Logins will stay the same.

Transitioning to a MDS from a MCC will not affect quality score, because it’s the same account.

1. Your login/password for your MCC remains the same
2. After transition from a MCC, your Active accounts will not go dark. Current Budget remains in the account. However renewing the campaign when the budgets and campaign end dates approach is in your control.
2. Quality Score, Account History will remain intact and will not be affected by this new agreement.
4. You will be able to get every account invoice via adwords account in printable/downloadable PDF’s.

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  1. I’m not sure what the new part is here? The ability to modify budgets per client at the MCC/MDS level has been around for a long time now. Also, if you didn’t have it on your main control panel, you can always go into individual accounts and modify it. Why is moving it up 2 clicks so “hot”??

    Also, from a usability point of view, it makes more sense to always adjust budgets keeping the campaign metrics in perspective, which isn’t as well done from the MCC interface, especially considering the useless nature of most of the columns on there!

  2. Hi Farhad,
    Modifying daily budgets is not what we’re talking about here. The excitement is that the MDS allows large agencies or SEM’s to create new accounts without the need for additional Service agreements.

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