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Revisiting Javascript Onclick Textlinks

First of all, let’s review what an Onclick textlink looks like, and why would someone use them.

A few years ago, Google was unable to read inline Javascript. But, as we all know, Google has been getting more and more sophisticated.

Onclick textlinks are search friendly, but not optimal. Primarily javascript onclick textlinks are used to track clicks. But, is there anything else you should know about them?

As long as the onclick elements doesn’t change where the user goes and just track clicks, there shouldn’t be any problems. The real issue is where the onclick determines location–or worse, supercedes the href, or the href is blank.

As long as the href= is in place you’ll be fine with the javascript in the link.

Here is an example:
onclick javascript textlink

Using the above example, the search engine sees the link text is “Carrie Underwood Undo It”. The span is just to put the song title in italics.

GoogleBot can crawl JavaScript with clean URLs.

In summary, for SEO, it’s best to use the straightforward static HREF textlink whenever possible.

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  1. Great post it would definitely help those who want to use javascript as their coding language to make their website more dynamic!

  2. I should try to use a smaller image! It is definitely too big!!!!

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