International / Multi-Language SEO

If your website has many languages you will need to optimize your site to ensure each language ranks in its respective country. This article will go into the details on how to set up the URL structure and how to signal to search engines which language you prefer to rank in which countries. Finally, we […]

Opencart SEO

Not too long ago, I decided to build an ecommerce site using the latest version of OpenCart. Opencart is open source ecommerce software. It’s like WordPress for ecommerce. This post is about some very basic SEO modifications I did to make Opencart optimized… in a very basic way. If you want to see it, the […]

Video and Game Widget Optimization

The question often arises whether or not to use Youtube as a Video strategy. My knee-jerk reaction is usually to cringe. Because, I know when a user grabs the embed code to place it on a blog, website, Facebook, or whatever Social Media platform, it’s Youtube that gets the backlink. Not my client. Youtube gets […]

Link Cleanup | Detecting Unnatural Links

If your website’s organic traffic recently dropped, chances are you might have been penalized by Google. This may have been caused by unnatural links pointing to your website. If you have Google webmaster tools installed on your site you might receive a message from Google warning you about the unnatural links pointing to your site. […]

Interview with Greg Hartnett – President BOTW

I’m privileged to conduct another interview with Greg Hartnett, the President of Best of the Web, otherwise known as BOTW (pronounced BotWah). My 1st interview with Greg was back in April 2006. So much has changed in the Search Industry and Social landscape since my last interview with Greg. Q. Hi Greg, thanks for joining […]

The Affect Infinite Scroll Has on SEO

Infinite scroll is becoming increasing popular among websites today. Websites such as facebook, Twitter  and Pinterest have implemented infinite scroll for their new feed pages for both their desktop and mobile websites.  Since I’m in SEO consulting, many people have asked me whether or not infinite scroll affects SEO or not, so I decided to […]

3 FireFox Addons to Use Google’s SITE: More Effectively

Years ago Google recommended against looking too closely at the site: command results. In fact, the exact words posted by John Mueller, a trend analyst for the search engine, were, “Focusing on the site:-query rough approximations will not lead to useful results” – which is a statement you have probably heard many times before you […]