Google Query Operators

Google Query Operators by Shimon Sandler, Tuesday, Aug 2, 2005 2:30 PM EST IF YOU’VE RECENTLY OPTIMIZED YOUR Web site for search engine crawlers and expected to see your Web site jump in the rankings but it hasn’t yet, don’t despair. Maybe you’re wondering: What’s wrong? Didn’t my changes have any effect? Well, more than […]

Keyword Density

Search Engine Ranking and Keyword Density by Shimon Sandler, Tuesday, Jul 19, 2005 5:57 PM EST GOOGLE HAS JUST UPDATED THEIR toolbar page rank. And, it appears the way they calculate backlinks has changed also. These updates typically get SEO professionals scrambling. The engines are continually changing their algorithms. Although there is a constant in […]

SEO Outsource or insource?

SEO Success by Shimon Sandler I SEE A LOT OF companies (including some large brands) that are doing a great job in paid search, but are doing a lousy job in natural search. Natural search is also known as search engine optimization (SEO), organic search, or algorithmic search. Let’s see, how many more names can […]

Driving Search Traffic Without an Engine

Driving Search Traffic Without an Engine by Shimon Sandler WE, AS ONLINE MARKETERS, HAVE become very dependent on search engines – almost obsessed. Click prices are going up. Return on investment is getting tougher to improve. Search has become an entire industry. Companies dedicate teams. We have our own trade shows, conferences, technologies, and specialized […]

Google’s Beta RSS Aggregator

Google’s Beta RSS Aggregator by Shimon Sandler RSS IS STILL IN AN early-adoption stage. And, if RSS is a game of follow the leader, then MSN and Yahoo! are the leaders and Google is the follower. But, look out. In their usual innovative fashion, Google has incorporated an RSS reader into Gmail. It’s called Web […]

RSS Effects on Search

RSS Effects on Search by Shimon Sandler RSS FEEDS HAVE SEARCH ENGINE optimization benefits for both the publisher of the feed and the syndication Web site/subscriber base. The RSS publisher receives two forms of Web traffic. First, from the natural traffic driven from the syndication Web sites/subscriber base (without the search engines). The second form […]

What Does an SEO Company Really Do?

What Does an SEO Company Really Do? by Shimon Sandler WHAT DOES AN SEO COMPANY really do? I can’t begin to tell you how much spam I get from companies promising to get me on the first page of Google for $49. Another promised me the top Google ranking in four hours. Being fed up […]