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Post-Launch PPC Process

You just launched your PPC Campaign. Now what?

It’s time to follow your PPC Strategy document, and make all the day-to-day tactical executions and implementations necessary to optimize the campaign to the success metrics.

Post-Launch PPC Optimizations:
1) Daily Bid Management / Bidding Strategies.
2) A/B Split testing (Ads, Landing pages).
3) Ad optimization / Ad creation.
4) Create customized Landing pages.
5) Keyword expansion / Keyword Bucketing.
6) Search Engine Expansion & Contraction (possibly using 2nd Tier Search Engines). Consumer behavior will dictate how to manage & optimize budget allocation based on traffic/performance metrics on each search engine.
7) Measuring. Testing. Reporting.

Client Meetings/Phone Calls:
Schedule weekly “real-time” campaign status meetings to discuss campaign performance, optimizations, and recommendations. Send the proposed agenda to your client, and ask them if they would like to add anything to the list.

Sample PPC agenda:
1) Improving landing page quality.
2) Brainstorm session to discover new keywords.( 25% of all searches on Google have never been searched for before).
3) Discussion of campaign performance in relation to campaign objectives (PPC Goals).
4) Discussion of Web Analytics & Conversion Tracking.
5) Click Fraud Management / Philosophy.

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